Tristan (Attic Jams)


Emma ("Melatonin" session - 03-2010)


in search of the right pitch (Melatonin 03-2010)


Attic Jams



recording Emma's breath (Melatonin 02-2010)


Recording "FLAP" 
Francorchamps may 2009


Johan Waumans (Underneath)


Stephen D recording overdubs for Doctor P


recording "Electro Sausage" (may 2008)


Electro Sausage (may 2008)


Monofloot session with Anton


Wauwie Hendrix


Elvis & Kenny (attic Jams)


Stephen (Attic Jams)


"Release Les Pigs" session
(Absinth & alcohol would be the answer)


"Release Les Pigs" session


Rinkel (2003)


Agenta Felix Sunt


Kenny (Agenta Felix Sunt-session, 2002)


Carnun, circa 1997 (CM-J & SD)