"From Imagination To Driven Chaos"



Allthough most of these "songs" are acoustic, this record has a certain punk-attitude to it. There's also a lot of noisy chaos on it, which is probably the result of the excessive drug-and alcohol-(ab)use that went on during the recording-sessions.

[Johan Waumans: vocals, ac. guitars, djembe, bass / Stephen Daveloose: vocals, guitars, bass, drum-prog / Kenny Van Wassenhove: guitars / Peter (Sticky) Christiaens: slideguitar, vocals / Emma; Marlon & Trees D'hoore: vocals]

Hallucinant Playground - Braindamage - Emotional Cockroach (funky blues version) - Carpets of Sound - Jazzy Trip Thing - Staggering - Intervieuw With Bob The Gigolo - State of Bliss - Rhythmic Moussehunt - Eye Of The Witch In The Flame - Smirnoff ! - Smirnoff !! - Psychedelica (first Attempts) - Lack Of Distortion - Cucumber-Confession - Fishsong - Onder De Oceaan

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"Agenta Felix Sunt"



This was an attempt to approach the Psychedelic Jamnesia-concept from a more serious angle. It's not as funny as "From Imagination ...", but it sure is easier to listen to.

...well, actually it isn't

[Caveman-John: tuba / Kenny Van Wassenhove: cello / Stephen Daveloose: accordeon]

Just Jammin' - Pussybite (unpl) - Getting Into It - Cloudwalk - Weathermoods - Double Totem - Funky Bone Jam - Thunderjam - Just Jammin' II - Beautifull Sombrero - Keeping The Neighbours Up - Just Jammin' III

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This one is definitely more focussed than the previous Psychedelic Jamnesia-albums, but it's still stupid and weird enough to where it alienates allmost everybody.

[Caveman-John: vocals, djembe / Kenny Van Wassenhove: guitars / Stephen Daveloose: vocals, guitars, bass]

Commercial Improvisation - Boogie with John - Open G pt 1 - Shoal Coast - Holy Insect Grinder - Money Card song - Open G pt 2 -  Stonerblues in D# - Koe in the way - Jugal Bone - Jam-addicts - Motions - Wirehand - Rainy night in the shed - Shoal Coast (reversed-tuned-out-subzero-version)*

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