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Super Sonic Space Pornography

03-2012 fitDC-40


A new trip in a
(slightly) new vehicle....

All tracks by Stephen D & Tristan C
Additional vocals by Emma D'hoore
(artwork by Kenny Van Wassenhove)

Emmett and the Balloon
- Murderous Memories
- Circular Lightning Brain - Melting Forrest - Mister Carvaka Man
Intinsic Expansion - Sleep Frog Bananorama

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07-2014 fitDC-42

Sweet dreams....

All tracks performed & recorded by Stephen Daveloose
between 2011-2014

Vocals by Lili Nonni & Tristan Crombez
(artwork by Emma D'hoore)

Eyes that Skim the Earth - March of the Gipsy Dresses - The Emanative Orgy As It Orbits Your Brain 
Linga Yoni - Shoreless Sinners - It Must Be Kept Safe Above All Else - Trails of an Ever Dissolving Timeframe
Vade Retro - Souvenirs - (Extra) Trails...

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Lo Fi Transmission

07-2015 fitDC-47


Selection of psychedelic work
recorded between 2011 - 2014

All tracks performed & recorded by Stephen Daveloose
Drums by Tristan Crombez
Vocals by Sabina Toll
Tenor sax by Johan Waumans

Rhum - Althea - Rhum - Cosmic Pussy Juice - Hesitate 
Rhum - Psychotic Space Queen

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Oracle of P on Soundcloud: