Someone asked me to demo the freeze function on this pedal. 
I switch to this mode at around 0'20".
Sounds interesting, but the only problem with this mode is that you need to turn up the feedback/resonance knob to accentuate the effect, wich also drastically increases the noise-floor...



EFFECT 1 FLANGER (estradin)


This is an old (1986) russian flanger device. Noisy as hell, but the best flanger I've played through so far.

Most flangers sound either too metalic or sound like they add something on top of the signal rather than processing it. This one is very musical & more subtle in nature. Warm & shimmery.

It also has a freeze-switch at the back, wich I forgot to demonstrate...




DELUXE MEMORY MAN (electro harmonix)


This is without a doubt the best choice for dreamy delay sounds. Truly amazing...
I've always wanted one of these, but for some reason never bought one while they were still available. This is an original one from the 70's I found on ebay.
I replaced the switch cause I wanted a different bypass system, but the rest of it is all original...




SPACE ECHO RE 201 (Roland)


This legendary machine truly lives up to it's reputation. The echoes have a rich texture with unpredictable & subtle modulations. The spring reverb is wild & incredibly large sounding. Very different from you average guitar or´ented spring reverbs. Overloading it into self-oscillation sounds very warm & much more musical than doing the same with most analog & digital devices.

The drive I'm using in the video is one of my own designs called the "Vutron".



DISASTER FUZZ (Effector 13)


This is an amazing self-oscillating fuzz effect. You can actually tune the pitch of the oscillation with your guitar's volume control, changing the texture while you play.



SUPERSONIC FUZZ GUN (death by audio)+ Overdrive Preamp/250 (DOD)


I made this video to demonstrate how you can get sustained fuzz-tones out of the fuzzgun (in gate mode) by plugging a drive in front of it.



SUPERSONIC FUZZ GUN (death by audio)



This is a very versatile fuzz pedal. No 70's psychedelic fuzz-thing, but disturbing high gain insanity.

The only thing I dislike about this pedal is that the sound shuts of very abrubt when in gate-mode. In my opinion sustain is a must in a fuzz sound. All in all it doesn't really bother me, cuz I use it with a DOD 250 in front of it. Wich not only solves the gate issue, but also makes it sound even better!



OCTAFUZZ (fulltone)



This is supposed to be an octavia-clone. I don't  know/care how it compares to the original, but I know I like it a lot. 
For a pedal with only 2 knobs & a switch, it can produce a wide range of great fuzz-tones. 
The switch disconnects one of the components, turning it into a 'regular' germanium fuzz (no octave up), a warm, whooly one that responds very well to volume-input...





MOCTAVER (mohomods)



This is an octave fuzz. It's not good at the 60's octavia hendrix sorth of fuzz-tones, but it's a really amazing noise-machine. Nasty fuzz textures. It's also very bassy sounding for an octave fuzz, lots of low end.





BF-2 Oscillator (boss)



I boosted the resonance of this boss BF-2 flanger-pedal. Now it's a theremin-like oscillator.

there's some extra audio-samples over here





Reel Echo (danelectro)



Despite the slight hum, the "click" when you turn it on & the fact that it doesn't pitchshift when you alter the delaytime, this is a very nice delay-pedal. Very warm sound & excellent for slap-back stuff.
It can do some interesting stuff when you overload it...







This is an octave divider from the seventies.
Fucked up lower octave fuzzing, awfull tracking, a beautifull mess.
One of the most evil pedals ever made.

Because of the low  frequency nature of this thing, it doesn't always cut through in the mix.
There's also a ridiculous volume-drop when you plug this into a clean amp.

But I wouldn't want to live without one...








Probably the best ring modulator out there.
Warm analog sound, endless possibilities...







This is an Opto Theremin.
Actually the full name is

see images







You can get lots & lots of sounds out of this stompbox. 
the analog & tape-simulation models still sound a little digital, but all in all this is a very usefull tool for any type of instrument or recording.