"In E" (Retarded Bros.)

(expected december 2015)





A capella experiments by Li Yulong
(feat. vocals by Emma D'hoore, Darko & others)

(expected  2016)



"Mister Red Tape"

Arranged layers of noise-texture

(expected   2016)



"Monoflop???" (Attic Jams)




Broken machines make filthy music...



New "Underneath" album

(will hopefully include vocals by Sabina Toll)






Arranged fieldrecordings recorded in Austria

(cancelled...for now)



"Send me your bank account # and I will make you rich"


Stephen D's collaboration with singer/pot Darko



"Ego & The Lonely Blues" (AudioC0ke)


This will probably be a very disturbing record...

(expected  ?)


"Space Worm"


Stoner jazz performed by
Tristan C (drums), Johan W (sax) & Stephen D (guitar/drums)




Believe it or not, but we've just started recording for what will become the first Caveman-John-solo-album! 
Don't know exactly how we gonna call it, but it will be some singer-songwriter-stuff. All acoustic & clean as fuck!

(cancelled...for now)


"Hofmann's Medicine"

A fucked up acid-jam through the Li-Yulong-filter

(cancelled...for now)


Attic Jams "Psilocybe Cubensis"

Some old recordings from 2005 that still need to be remastered & stuff....

(cancelled...for now)



"Made in China"

Should become an intimate, minimalistic record.
(with artwork by Kenny Van Wassenhove)

(cancelled...for now)




experimental, minimalistic, low-budget-jazz. 

(I very much doubt that this will ever get finished)