There once was a time when there was no such thing as ShuttleBuG records.
It was a time when I used to screw around with a fostex 4-track tape recorder. I was pretty much your average stoner, doing dope all day and playing a lot of guitar.
Every now and then I mixed my most interresting recordings down to a master-tape, made copies of it and tried to sell these. ShuttleBuG was the pseudonym I used for these horrible tapes.
Once I sobered up a little and got myself a job, I suddenly found myself capable of buying some decent equipment.
I immediatly knew I was going to do a lot of  different musical styles and use several pseudonyms, so I decided to label all of my CD's with "ShuttleBuG records".
I know that this is a totally irrelevant and borring story, and that's why I hid it so well on this site. So that it would only be reached by visitors who are extremely bored and accidently clicked their way to this page.
I have also put the original tape-covers on this page, basically to add some color.


"Digital Disco Drug Thing"

My first recording experience. I immediately went for a concept-tape. It had something to do with neuro-transmitters, chemical drugs and the general fakeness of life.

"Decay, All The Way"

A premature version of AudioC0ke.
This was the first time I recorded distorted guitar-riffs to a programmed beat.

"What the ...?"

This one felt like the beginning of a new era.
But it was infact a 90 minute, mind-numbing chaos about desperation & boredom.
The title was based on the facial expression of a friend when I introduced him to "my new sound".

"Rain In The Galaxy"

The AudioC0ke-song "Rain in the Galaxy" (on the album "Green Sun") is a rearranged version of a song that was on this tape.
I also remember doing a lot of attempts to record better versions of some of these songs while I was working on "DUCK".
"Billy-Goat" was the only listenable track that came out of it.

"Reshaped on Planet Earth"

This one actually never got finished. I recorded millions of tracks for it, but never got around to do a decent mixdown.
However, the song "Leaving" on the AudioC0ke-record "Lost In Infinity", is one of the tracks that would've been on this tape. I used the original recordings, but ran them through a whole lot of  effects and  added a couple of guitar-overdubs, to make it sound more "proffessional".